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What distinguishes us

Customer Service is equated with excellence

At Hôpital Vétérinaire de L’Île-Perrot excellence in customer service is our priority. We want your visit to be pleasant and satisfactory.

Our objective is to establish clear communication with our clients in order to understand their needs and expectations. Medical conditions can sometimes be complex. Precise explanations about our diagnostic methods and therapies may make all the difference in understanding the situation and making important and just decisions about your pets. Our veterinarians take the time to listen in an atmosphere of respect and to analyse the information carefully to better guide you to choose the best possible treatments.

Our veterinarians are available for our clients and never hesitate to follow-up after a consultation, a hospitalization, or a surgery. We return our clients’ phone calls every day. We understand the importance of feeling supported by your chosen medical team.

Medical Personnel With Expertise

Care of birds and exotic animals

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Hôpital Vétérinaire de L’Île-Perrot is a rare establishment in Quebec in that it offers specialty care for exotic animals (birds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, small rodents, ferrets, hedgehogs). Dr Maude Lebeau, head of the exotic animal department, takes great pleasure in caring for your exotics, whether they have feathers, shells, scales, hair, or quills!

Specialised Equipment

We are equiped with an incubator, terrariums complete with heat lamps for reptiles, dental instruments for rabbits and small rodents, specialised anesthetic materials for small exotic mammals, birds, and reptiles (endotracheal tubes and specialised anesthetic masks), surgical instruments for exotics, a heated surgical table, etc. Our pharmacy carries a variety of products used solely for the treatment of exotic animal illnesses.

Ophthalmology Service

Dr Annik Hemmings is passionate about the illnesses that effect the eyes of your animal companions. She possesses an expertise in ophthalmology (see Our team) which allows her to perform a variety of ocular procedures and surgeries.

The following is a list of some of the ophthalmologic procedures and surgeries available in our hospital.

Utilization of diagnostic material

  • Ophthalmologic exam with Optivisor magnifier glass;
  • direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy with 20 Diopters lens;
  • tonometry (eye pressure measuring);
  • schirmer tear test (for diagnosis of keratoconjunctivitis sicca or dry eye);
  • fluorescein test (for diagnosis of corneal ulceration).

Recognition and treatment of many ocular pathologies

  • Medical treatment of glaucoma and uveitis;
  • evaluation of lens pathologies (cataracts, lens luxation);
  • treatment of corneal , conjonctival, scleral and lacrimal pathologies;
  • diagnosis of congenital or hereditary malformation;
  • degenerative diseases;
  • diagnosis of tumors.

Ophthalmologic surgeries

  • Blepharoplasty: entropion correction;
  • radiosurgery is used for : palpebral mass, electroepilation of distichiasis, removal of ectopic cilia and caruncular trichiasis;
  • ocular proptosis (bulging eyeball) correction;
  • enucleation (removal of the eyeball);
  • surgical correction of corneal laceration, foreign body;
  • debridement of indolent ulcer and superficial keratotomy under local anesthesia;
  • superficial keratectomy;
  • conjunctival graft;
  • third eyelid flap surgery;
  • cherry eye : surgical correction of nictitant gland prolapse;
  • surgical correction of imperforate lacrimal punctum;
  • pharmacological cycloablation of ciliary body.

Specialised Equipment

A surgical microscope is used for specific surgical procedures that require the magnification of the delicate structures of the eyes, as well as to accurately guide the very fine suture material used. An Optivisor (magnifier glass) is used for ophthalmologic exam , Tono Vet instrument is available for tonometry (eye pressure measuring for diagnosis of glaucoma or uveitis).

Dentistry and surgery services

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Dr. Pierre Gagnon is fascinated by the sometimes complicated dental surgery cases in cats and dogs. As well as regularly attending seminars in dentistry and soft tissue surgery , he spends many hours performing dental surgery and has perfected his techniques, thanks to his endless patience and tireless perseverance. Dr. Gagnon is an equally talented general surgeon.

Specialised Equipment

  • Radiosurgery: The Hellman Surgitron is a specialised surgical tool that emits high frequency radio waves (3.8 MHz).
  • Heated surgical table;
  • ultrasonic, high performance dentistry unit for cleaning, polishing and extracting teeth;
  • digital dental X-Ray system;
  • hot water blankets to cover anesthetised patients during dental procedures;
  • doppler for the measurement of blood pressure during surgery;
  • oxymeter for the measurement of oxygen saturation and heartbeat during anesthesia;
  • volumetric pumps for admininstration of intravenous fluids during anesthesia;
  • incubator for post-operative recovery.

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