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Are you in search of a particular product for your animal companion ?

Please visit our experienced and professional team who will be very happy to find the right veterinary product specific to the needs of your pet.

Our Products

We offer a wide variety of excellent quality canine and feline diets (pediatric and large breed pediatric dog food, maintenance & senior diets and therapeutic diets for specific medical conditions).

  • Complete line of Purina Veterinary Diets;
  • complete line of Hill’s Veterinary Diets;
  • complete line of Royal Canin (formerly Medi-Cal) Veterinary Diets.

Why buy pet food at your veterinary clinic?

Veterinarians and technicians in animal health have studied nutrition as part of their curriculums. All members of our staff receive regular training about the available diets and their clinical uses. We are in the best possible position for advising you in your choice of animal nutrition.

Also, all of our diets are 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, or if your cat or dog turns his nose up at the new menu, it will be our pleasure to reimburse you or suggest another product.

A word about developement and maintenance diets

An excellent quality pediatric diet is well balanced with all the necessary nutriments to promote healthy growth and development for puppies and kittens. We recommend that the basis of the diet be made up of dry kibble to promote your animal dental health. However, we believe it is important to add canned food to your kitten’s diet to get him accustomed to the different textures and tastes. Canned food helps to increase water intake, which is important for cats who generally don’t drink much water. Certain illnesses in cats require as part of the treatment plan a canned formula. It will be easier to transition to the new diet if he has already been introduced to this texture.

The suggested age for transitioning from a growth diet to an adult diet is generally 6 to 8 months for cats and from 6 to 12 months for dogs, depending on the size of the breed. Your veterinarian will be able to evaluate the needs of your animal in consultation and recommend the appropriate diet for this stage of life.

We suggest a dental diet for a healthy cat or dog at the moment you make the transition to an adult food. As well as preventing an accumulation of tartar, this light formula will prevent weight gain that could occur once the pet is full grown. The dental diet combined with regular brushing of your pet’s teeth will contribute to maintaining an optimum oral hygiene.

Other types of diets are available upon veterinary recommendation for specific health problems:

  • Hypo-allergenic (skin rashes, repetitive skin infections, chronic digestive problems, chronic ear infections….);
  • gastro intestinal (chronic or acute digestive problems);
  • rich in fiber (constipation);
  • prevention or dissolution of urinary crystals or stones;
  • renal issues (renal failure);
  • formulas for liver problems;
  • diabetic formulas (cats and dogs);
  • arthritic problems;
  • feline hyperthyroidism;
  • convalescence diets;
  • diets to slow cognitive dysfunction syndrome in senior pets.

It is always important to consult your veterinarian before your animal transitions to a therapeutic diet. Certain medical conditions can require restrictions in your pet’s nutrition. Knowing your pet’s medical history will allow us to guide you in the diet choice.


We all love to be able to give our pets little treats, but it can be easy to overindulge! Even though veterinary treats are low in calories, it is still important to give small quantities throughout the day in order to prevent weight gain.

A tasty choice is available for your furry friends!

For dogs:

  • Gentle Snackers and Lite Snackers from Purina;
  • Hypoallergenic treats from Hill’s;
  • Medi-Treats from Royal Canin.

For cats:

  • Hypoallergenic treats from Hill’s;
  • Medi-Treats from Royal Canin.

For cats and dogs:

  • Pure Bites dried liver or chicken;
  • Pill pockets are tasty treats to use when administering medication. This special treat is especially designed to hide a capsule or tablet inside for easy dosing of medication.

Grooming and skin & coat hygiene

The physiology (pH, cellular renewal, quantity of sebum produced) of our pet’s skin is very different from ours. Using a product that is not adapted to an animal’s skin can cause irritation, dryness and itching. A member of our team will be happy to advise you in the choice of a routine shampoo, ideal for your pet.

Grooming shampoos and sprays

  • Hypoallergenic shampoos (Epi-Soothe and Allergroom from Virbac);
  • frequent use shampoo (Physio by Virbac);
  • coat spray (Humilac from Virbac).

Medicated shampoo and antiseptic solutions (Under recommendation by your veterinarian only)

  • Medicated shampoo (Corti-Soothe, Hexadene, Pyoben, Dermazole by Virbac and Canadian medicated shampoo by Vet Solution);
  • antiseptic solutions (Hexadene Flush and Resichlor by Virbac, TrizChlor 4).

Fatty acids and omega supplements for skin and coat

  • Aller G-3 by Vetoquinol;
  • Allerderm Efa-Caps HP by Virbac.

Dental Products

Dental hygiene is a very important part of the overall health of our pets. The choice of a dental diet along with regular brushing of the teeth and an addition of dental treats can assure good oral health.

  • Dental chews for dogs which combine enzymes found in pet toothpaste with an abrasive texture that helps reduce tartar, may be given as a daily treat and are available in a variety of sizes (CET Chews from Virbac and Dental Chews from Purina).
  • Toothpaste for companion animal use does not contain fluoride, unlike human toothpaste, and can therefore be used without hesitation for regular brushing. The mechanics of brushing with the combination of toothpaste and saliva helps distribute the product throughout the mouth to help prevent the formation of tartar. This specially formulated toothpaste may be swallowed by your pet without worry. A variety of flavours are available for the satisfaction of your cat or dog (CET Enzymatic toothpaste by Virbac).

Ear Products

It is important to make a habit of regularly checking your pet’s ears. Preventive cleaning helps to keep ears clean and healthy. Ears that appear red, dirty, or produce a distinctive bad odour are often a sign of an ear problem. It is important to consult your veterinarian. The frequency of ear cleaning may vary from pet to pet but it is recommended to inspect and clean your pet’s ears at least once per month, particularly for dogs.

Different cleaning solutions are available (Epi-Otic by Virbac and Routeen by Vetoquinol).

Supplements for the prevention of Arthritis

Regular use of supplements such as glucosamine chlorhydrate and chondroitin, specially formulated for animals, may be an important choice in maintaining good joint mobility in your pets.

  • Cani-Flex and Con-Glu may be given regularly to your cat or dog and are available in a variety of formulas for easy administration. Generally in beef flavour, but also available unflavoured.


Nutritional supplements are available for a variety of uses and medical conditions. Many are available over the counter, but it is advised to consult your veterinarian for proper use.

  • Nutrical, Viralys, Enisyl-F, Epakitin, and Denosyl .

We frequently hear about the problem of hairballs in cats. The tongue of a cat is rough and collects hair during normal grooming practices, which is then swallowed. The fur is digested and excreted regularly with bowel movements. It sometimes occurs that a cat is unable to pass this accumulation of fur in a ‘natural’ way and instead vomits. Regular administration of a laxative paste may help cats with hair balls. Vetoquinol offers Vitalax or Laxatone in malt or tuna flavour.

Over-the-counter prevention of fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are never desirable on your pets. Luckily there exists a variety of excellent products, available at the clinic over-the-counter to prevent or treat an invasion of these parasites.

  • Advantage by Bayer requires one topical application per month for the treatment or prevention of fleas. The product may be used on cats, dogs, ferrets and rabbits.
  • K9 Advantix by Bayer requires one topical application per month for the prevention of fleas and ticks. However, be advised that this product may be used for dogs only! It may never be used on cats.

Other products are available by prescription for prevention of parasites. Ask one of our team members for information.

Gentle Leader (Head collar for dogs)

There are many methods of training. At our hospital we recommend the use of a Gentle Leader head collar. Used correctly, this collar is a safe, gentle, non-punitive, and effective way of leash training your dog. For enjoyable walks with your companion animal, and an assurance of a calm and confident walking experience with your dog at your side, the Gentle Leader may be the answer.

Nutrition and products for birds and exotic animals

Exotic animals have specific requirements based on the type of species. Dre Maude Lebeau, who is responsible for the department of birds and exotic animals, has carefully selected a variety of clinically proven products for use with exotic animals. We carry a variety of excellent quality food and regular hygiene products.

Nutrition and Supplements

Oxbow Pet Products logo

  • Quality hay;
  • pellets for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas;
  • vitamin C supplements for guinea pigs;
  • papaya-based digestive supplements for guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas;
  • Critical Care and Carnivore Care, nutritional supplements for assisted feeding.


  • Parrot pellets;
  • bird seed;
  • diets for ferrets and small rodents.

HEALx products for exotic animals

  • Soother Plus: soothing topical cream for the relief of pain caused by skin irritations.

AVIx products for birds

  • Rain: hydrating spray used to revitalize and rehydrate the skin and feathers.


  • Concentrated vitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplement for birds. Balanced formula of essential elements not contained in regular bird seed.

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