Certification and Association


Internat de perfectionnement en sciences appliquées vétérinaires (I.P.S.A.V.)

Dr. Gagnon and Dr. Lebeau have both obtained an Internship Certificate in Medicine and Surgery of Small Animals from the University of Montreal, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of St-Hyacinthe. This certificate is awarded for an extra year of study after a Doctorate, which focuses on expanding medical knowledge and expertise and putting into practice the techniques and procedures likely to be used in a large veterinary hospital setting, as opposed to a small local clinic. The interns are supervised while managing specific cases in collaboration with clinical specialists and residents at the Small Animal Hospital of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. With rotations in a variety of specialties such as ophthalmology, dermatology, surgery and emergency, the veterinarian is given an opportunity to broaden his/her knowledge and experience. Only 1 in 10 veterinarians from a graduating class are admitted to this program. Spaces are very limited and the veterinarian must meet certain criteria and pass a rigorous selection process. After their one year term in this University setting, the interns are evaluated on their presentation of a topic of their choice, based on their in-depth study during their internship. Dr.Foisy has completed an internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York City in 1994.


Dr. Gagnon, Dr. Lebeau and Dr.Foisy are all members of the AMVQ.Membership in this non-profit organisation is voluntary. The Association organises continuing education activities for veterinarians as well as keeping its members up-to-date in the latest medical knowledge. The AMVQ strives to improve the lives of companion animals through its work in the protection of animals and animal welfare, education of the public concerning veterinary care, the promotion of sterilisation of companion animals, dangerous dogs file, etc.


Dr. Lebeau is a member of the AAV, an international organisation of veterinarians in private practice, zoos and universities who have a particular interest in avian medicine. This association, through its conferences, publications, and distribution of literature, contributes to the advancement of avian medicine and the education of avian veterinarians. A section of the AAV website is aimed at educating the public and bird owners in the proper care of their feathered friends and the importance of good veterinary care by a qualified professional.

Dr. Lebeau is a member of the AEMV, an association of veterinarians interested in the medical care and surgeries of small domestic mammals such as ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, degus, rats, mice, hedgehogs, etc. The goal of the association is to offer support and information through the publication of the Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, the organisation of conferences, and access to medical information to its members via an internet website reserved for its members.

Dr. Lebeau is a member of the ARAV, an association of veterinarians whose interest is reptiles and amphibians. The ARAV aims at promoting the conservation and protection of these species, the humane treatment of reptiles and amphibians, and the preservation of their natural habitats. The ARAV encourages proper living and breeding conditions, suggests programs of preventive medicine, distributes scientific information concerning their basic care, and reports on the most recent studies of medicine and surgery of reptiles and amphibians via its official publication, the Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery, distributed regularly to its members. They organise an annual conference, also accessible online to its members.

Dr. Gagnon, who is passionate about small animal dentistry, is a member of the American Veterinary Dental Association. This international association is the largest dental organisation of professional veterinarians in the world. The AVDS affords its members direct access to valuable sources of specialised information from the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry, among others. They provide valuable information and educational materials to its members on the most recent dental surgery techniques and the most up-to-date recommendations by specialists, thereby helping to achieve its mission of educating pet owners about the importance of good dental hygiene in companion animals.