photo Arthur collier zen

Arthur the French Bulldog wears an inflatable collar, but it’s not to keep him afloat in the pool!

We tested the famous inflatable collar on Arthur, Dr Gagnon’s French Bulldog, following his castration. Result:  We love this collar! Gone are the scraped door jams and chipped paint resulting from the standard, plastic, lampshade-type collar that is known to damage surfaces every time Fido misjudges a doorway when he enters a room.

With the inflatable collar, moving around is much easier and less encumbered than with the rigid collar. For a post-sterilisation wound (either castration or hysterectomy), the inflatable collar is ideal, making licking of the wound virtually impossible.

For other types of wounds, such as on a leg or paw, a dog that is a real contortionist could possibly succeed in licking the area. For other wounds such as an ear hematoma, or eye problem, the inflatable collar is not recommended as it does not offer enough protection for the wound. For these types of wounds, the traditional plastic cone is the way to go.

Every dog reacts differently to wearing an Elizabethan collar, no matter the type. Trial and error will sometimes be required to find the right tool for the job.

Ask one of our team members if the inflatable collar is a good option to stop your companion from licking. It would be our pleasure to evaluate the different options with you. We have various sizes of both traditional and inflatable Elizabethan collars available at our clinic.